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Need digital marketing experts for your project? Look no further.

Most marketing agencies can't measure their own results, much less keep track of publicly available social media data necessary to make proper decisions. At UberNerdZ we are a team of data scientists and software developers. We offer a better solution.

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What you can expect from UberNerdZ

We plan

We organize a complete marketing strategy, targeting your specific areas of need.

We integrate

Using off the shelf solutions where possible, and developing custom automation as required, we will ensure all are focused on results.

We implement tactics

We work with you to create a detailed analysis of your target customer community. We find the keywords, hashtags, and trends that are influencing your clients to action in real time.

We analyze

We give you all live results, with appropriate ROI metrics per campaign via a SINGLE DIGITAL MARKETING PORTAL. Exact details will be specific to your unique goals.

Your new analytics powered marketing campaign is waiting! Take the next step today.

UberNerdZ is the perfect solution for anyone requiring:

  • Marketing strategy support
  • Integration of social media marketing tools
  • Programming muscle for custom automation development
  • Detailed analysis of your target customer community
  • Real time optimization
  • Customized digital marketing portal
  • Exploratory, Cluster analysis
  • Machine learning

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